CRK8 from Forgotten Earth

CRK8 is the main robot character from Forgotten Earth, a story-driven exploration game by team Painted Selkie.

I created the character design, model, texture and rig.

The rig is made of a single joint chain with a dual skeleton set-up and has custom features like an extending torso section, controls for special character features like a drawer and pop-up camera, and a custom MEL script for wheels that turn when the character is moved. 

Below is a video demonstrating the rig.

You can see the rig in action in the following teaser trailer for Forgotten Earth.

I also created the animations.

Forgotten Earth Credits:

Character Artist, Rigger and Animator -  Eilidh Brown

Interior-Environment Artist - Niamh Loughran

Exterior-Environment Artist - Zane Zarakovska

Gameplay/Mechanics Programmer - Robert Gemmill

Engine/Effects Programmer - Stuart Pentalow

Sound and Music - Charlotte Winters